From Jumbled Chaos to Joyful Calm

From which clothing closet are you more likely to emerge feeling gorgeous?


In which kitchen are you more likely to have fun creating delicious, nourishing food?


In which office are you more likely to feel inspired and powerful?

Looking for women who are mothers, entrepreneurs, athletes, caregivers, artists, or healers… 

Who are feeling…

Bored * Frustrated * Frumpy * Out of shape * Stuck * Chaotic * Overwhelmed * Cluttered * Frazzled * Scattered * Tired * Uninspired * Blocked

… about your work, your body, your health, your creativity, or your home

And this is leading to your…

  • Body feeling yucky and health issues looming
  • Creative or community-serving offerings sitting stagnant
  • Relationships with partner or kids feeling riddled with stress
  • Deep, inspiring dreams not happening
  • Self-care being at the bottom of the list

With Adrian’s Sacred Space facilitation, you will experience…

  • Inspiration to deeply nourish your body, joy when you dress yourself, and greater energy
  • Clutter and stagnation cleared, making way for creative flow
  • More peaceful relationships and greater ease
  • Forward momentum and power to fuel your dreams
  • Self-care enjoyably tended to, creating nourishment for your whole life

Menu of Services

* Daunting to Delightful: Office Makeover  *  Frustrating to Fun: Kitchen & Cooking Transformation  *  Sloppy to Sexy: Bedroom Mojo Makeover  *  Eeeek to Easeful: Self-Care Transformation  *  Frumpy to Fabulous: Wardrobe Makeover  *  Hodgepodge to Holy Ground: Home as Sanctuary

After our work together, you may discover that you feel more…

Energized * Spacious * Peaceful * Inspired * Easeful * Creative * Empowered * Joyful * Uplifted * Focused

“Before working with Adrian, my bedroom and clothing closet felt chaotic and overwhelming.  Now, the beauty, order, and spaciousness of my new closet has changed the feeling of the whole bedroom; it has become the sanctuary that I have wanted it to be for years. This change has brought peace and ease into every part of my life ~ into my family life, work life, and relationship with myself.” ~ Molly Levin Rouse